Rootless: Might, Right... and Arson

What would it look like if a deer used explosives? How about if a cat wore armor and carried a mechanical sword that was a sentient mantis? All good questions that you can find the answers to in our new podcast: Rootless! If you enjoy roleplay, comedy, Critical Role, Dimension20, Dungeons and Dragons, storytelling, or anything in between, give us a listen :) We are Rootless! An actual-play podcast playing the Root RPG by Leder Games. To break it down to the essentials: Anthropomorphized furry woodland critters like cats, foxes, deer, and more; all set in a medieval fantasy world! Find us on YouTube:

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Tuesday Jul 12, 2022

Welcome to the Lore Dump! Learn all about the various factions in the Woodland and what they represent. Which one is your favorite??

Tuesday Jul 12, 2022

Want to learn how to play the Root TTRPG? Red and Thimble walk you through the basics!

Tuesday Jul 12, 2022

Meet Duncan the Badger Arbiter! Plagued with the sins of his past, and the Spartan-like nature he was raised with, Duncan seeks redemption through action... and SOUP! 

Wednesday Jul 13, 2022

Meet Theo the Cat Ronin! Hailing from the far off land of Le Monde de Cat, Thelonius has always been somewhat of a Vagabond. Check it out to learn more about this curious cat!

Thursday Jul 14, 2022

Meet Sabian the Fox Exile! After having his title and status removed, Sabian is not only running towards something, but running away from something as well.

Friday Jul 15, 2022

Meet Cal the Deer Tinkerer! She was separated from her family and forced to fend for herself in the Woodland. She may just prove to be the world's greatest inventor!

Saturday Jul 16, 2022

Meet Saanvi the Otter Raconteur! With her parents lost at sea, this curious musician is on a search to find her new place in the Woodland... hopefully one that isn't close to water!

Sunday Jul 17, 2022

Meet Red the Squirrel Scoundrel! Arson lies in wait around every corner when this Squirrel is in town! Equipped with her Clockwork Pistol and a vendetta against those who took over her home, Red is ready to blow things wide open if need be!

Monday Jul 18, 2022

Meet Rudbeckia the Rabbit Harrier! Having lived a sheltered life in one clearing, "Becks" is itching to feel a little something more, and she may get more than she bargained for!

Tuesday Jul 19, 2022

WE HAVE A THEME SONG PEOPLE! Our very own Red (Emily) was kind enough to use her mix-mastering skills to make the GM sound much better than he should. Give it a listen :)

Tuesday Jul 19, 2022

The gangs all here! Our 7 Voracious Vagabonds meet Chunk the Squirrel, have an all-out-brawl with the Marquise Cats, and of course, blow something up!

Tuesday Jul 26, 2022

After a tough battle with the Marquise, the Vagabonds seek aid with displaced Denizens from Windgap Refuge!   Check out the Nat One Podcast!:

Tuesday Aug 09, 2022

Our Voracious Vagabonds haggle with Mindle Sweepbottom the Flamingo and Neo the Turtle in order to garner favor with the Silk Handkerchiefs. The stage is set for the battle at Windgap Refuge!   Check Out The Kingdom of Winola:

Tuesday Aug 23, 2022

The gang takes on Windgap Refuge in full force! Recorders, Trick-Shots, Massive Warfare, and most importantly, ARSON!

Tuesday Sep 06, 2022

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains scenes with heavy emotions and may be triggering. This begins around 1 hour in and lasts 12 minutes. The battle rages on in Windgap Refuge! The Vagabonds contend with the mechanized-cat, get further into General Dentistry, and meet back up with a familiar wolf. Go Listen to SteelToadStudios!

Tuesday Sep 20, 2022

The gang of Voracious Vagabonds delves deeper into General Dentistry! They meet various creepy individuals, face purple psychosis gas, and deal with Frother dentists! Follow along for more :)


Sabian the Fox Exile

Hello I am Sabian and I'm played by Liam. I am a red fox exile. I was sent to be either killed or imprisoned for life, however I managed to escape and have been on the run since. Now I've taken the task of protecting Calla and finding her family. All while making a new family with this group of rootless vagabonds.

Red the Squirrel Scoundrel

I’m Red the Red Squirrel Scoundrel played by Emily. I grew up in Windgap Refuge and was an apprentice to an eccentric chipmunk named Dr Weembsly at a workshop that specialized in the pursuit of SCIENCE! I grew worried about the projects we were working on- they were highly destructive- and orchestrated an accident in order to set progress back. In the fallout, I barely escaped from the clearing with my life. Having lived a sheltered life, I’m a little naive and still getting the hang of this whole “Vagabond” thing- but it has been nice to stick together with others who have found themselves rootless. I hope to one day see a Woodland that can resolve its conflicts without war and without destruction.


Cal the Deer Tinkerer

Meet Cal!


Saanvi the Otter Raconteur

Meet Saanvi!


Duncan the Badger Arbiter

Meet Duncan!


Rudbeckia the Rabbit Harrier

Meet Rudbeckia!


Thelonius the Cat Ronin

Meet Theo!

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